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Our Instructors

Our Instructors

All instructors have firsthand experience in many types of high-risk environments. The benefit to you is first class instruction on the theoretical and practical components of CP. Our team are experienced in Close Protection work as required by SIA licensing and have many years experience with elite military service in the most challenging and demanding environments.

The summaries below are a snapshot of four of the main instructors who will be teaching you on our Close Protection Course.

Instructor 1

Five years with the Parachute Regiment and sixteen years in UK Special Forces, leaving the army in 2005. Special Forces jobs included Chief Permanent Staff Instructor Counter Terrorist Wing. Upon leaving the military has been involved in the close protection industry both as an instructor and a personal protection officer.

Instructor 2

Joined the Parachute Regiment in 1984 and UK Special Forces from 1991 to 2010 leaving as a Regimental Sergeant Major, as well as a highly successful period as an SNCO instructor at the UKSF Training Squadron/Counter Terrorist Wing (CTW).

Instructor 3

Joined the army in 1984 and subsequently the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) in both operational and instructional roles. Upon leaving UK Special Forces in 2006 his experience has been utilised throughout the private security industry and has worked on executive protection projects with several blue chip companies.

Instructor 4

Recently developed medical training programmes for organisations such as the Thames Valley Police Tactical Firearms Unit, Oxfam and the Fire Service, which included bespoke courses for personnel working in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He served in the Parachute Regiment as a front line soldier for ten years in Northern Ireland, Oman, Belize and Kenya. In the latter half of his military career, he re-trained and became the Regimental medic.

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