"Just to say it was an action packed course, it opened my eyes to so much,  vital details that could be so easily be missed or overlooked in that kind of environment. I can definitely say that I learnt some valuable lessons on the course. Thanks again for your knowledge, help and patience in making the course such a great learning experience."

HEAT Training : Police Officer

"Thanks a lot for the fantastic training course, which has been an amazing experience with lot of practical knowledge and fascinating real-life examples. If I will remember half of what I’ve been told I’m sure I will be able to get out safe from any danger."

HEAT Course for Asia : commercial company

"I thought I’d let you know that I’ve spoken to the participants who were on the course yesterday and they had a fab time! Indeed one said it was by far and away the most engaging, interesting, useful and fun course he’s done so far at the firm! Accolade indeed!"

HEAT Training : Head of Security, commercial company

"Many thanks again for such a wonderful and extremely useful training."

HEAT Training : Team Leader, commercial company

"Very well organised and co-ordinated."

HEAT Training : Country Director, Yemen

"I think everyone in the group now has a better chance of survival. I think it was just right & split into good, logical sections. There was a good overall flavour of sections like comms/first aid/political history. It was well organised and professional."

HEAT Training : Course Coordinator, Yemen

"This is the first time attending HEAT training and I do feel more confident to tackle a hostile/challenging sitation in a more prepared way than before. You have a really professional & well skilled team!"

HEAT Training : Course Participant

“Once again, many thanks to you and the lads. Much fun was had by all” - “Thanks for a very impressive course. Please pass my regards to your team.”

Security Course : NGO, Jordan

"It was a great course and relevant to my Ops in South Yemen, I am sure this will benefit me a lot in my continued working in Yemen. Your team is great, and they are a perfect match for the course."

Security Course : NGO, Jordan

“I, and our principal, have found the support from Hawki first rate – the team has been professional, discrete and exactly what we required. The Metropolitan Police have also mentioned that they have worked well with Hawki.”

Close Protection : government official

“Thank you for all your help and invaluable input… I am pleased that you've seen an improvement in the last two years which is encouraging”.

Security Audit : Stately Home

"Les and his team were extremely professional. They handled the press in a very polite but firm way in order to ensure they got the photos they wanted without disturbing the guests or the wedding party. The team were in control at all times and communicated well with my staff to ensure we were kept informed, but discreet enough so that they blended in well with the other wedding guests. They were extremely helpful when plans changed at the last minute and accommodated changes without any issues. The team went the extra mile in in order to help me with some of my requests in the run up to the wedding. I would highly recommend them for any event and will certainly be calling on their services in the future."

VIP Wedding : Event Organiser

"This course gave me tips I would not normally consider. It told me how best to communicate with others and how best to control my nerves whilst under pressurise".

Security Course : NGO, Jordan

“It was above my expectations. Instructors were very good and we got everything we need for performing our work in such environments”.

HEAT : Humanitarian Delegate, Jordan

“The training was excellent, I am very happy to have done it. I learned a lot of essential and very practical key information and skills. It will definitely help me in the field for my own security but as well to pass key messages to my teams”.

Training : Humanitarian Delegate, Jordan

“I would like to appreciate the instructors for a valuable course well facilitated. I realty appreciated the attitudes and approach of Hawki instructors”.

HEAT : Humanitarian delegate, Jordan

“This course is more than terrific and I recommend and staff to attend it, it’s a masterpiece”.

Training : Humanitarian delegate, Jordan

"I overcame my fear and phobia of driving in Kabul and thanks to the excellent guidance of the Hawki instructors I was able to overcome this. Excellent!"

Training : European delegate, Kabul

"I am sincere when I say the HEAT training is the most enjoyable, intense and fun training I have experienced in my 15 years in the NGO sector to date. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in the training. My head is still swimming with the mental images of everything you guys exposed us to the last 3 days."

Training : International NGO, Jordan

"Hawki CP Training is a superb example of how a course should be ran, excellent instructors, excellent venues and excellent attention to detail. Would highly recommend to anybody thinking of taking this type of course."

Close Protection: CP student

"I’ve been doing NGO work and training for fifteen years and that’s the very best training I’ve ever had.”

Training : NGO, Jordan

"This course was recommended to me by a friend who had already done the course. The training was fantastic but at the same time demanding .The instructors subject matter was outstanding and I found them all to be not just interesting people but also very approachable, not only during the course but they  are still on hand if needed today. Outstanding course, instructors, venue and the food is exceptional."  

Close Protection: CP student

"The course uses great equipment, lesson structure and teaching techniques combined with a wealth of experience from the instructors to deliver a highly professional and thorough course which in no doubt will give the student the fundamental skills to work as a close protection officer and a solid platform for a promising career in the industry." 

Close Protection: CP student

"Excellent performance of the trainers, especially their methodology and practical skills".

Security Training : EU Police Officer, Afghanistan

"Excellent training, every senior official going to Iraq should go through - mandatory".

Security Training : VIP, New York

“I have been overwhelmed by the positive comments on the training”.

Security & Driver Training : Head of Country Office, Yemen

"Thank you for the comprehensive end of course report… The training standards requirements were all met during this training course. I had the opportunity to speak with many of the participants, the feedback was very positive."

Security Training : Client Training Manager, Iraq

“My colleagues who attended the course were pleased with the content and course delivery. I observed them both on the range last week and I was suitably impressed with their new knowledge."

Security Training in Middle East : Embassy Official

“We arrived at the course knowing only a few things about Range management and safety but after a very long hard 10 days, we can say that our ability on running any training days with range practice become smoother and more professional… thank you for all your hard work... you have shown a very high level of professionalism on instructing and coaching and we were very lucky having you as an instructor for our course.”

Security Training : European Delegate

"The course concluded today with a group of happy smiling Iraqi’s…! Your instructors and terps were excellent. They formed a real bond with the students and worked long hours to get the course completed. A real success.”

Training in Iraq : Company Business Director

"I really enjoyed the course and I have spoken with others here who were on the course too and they say the same. I hope that your Head Office recognise the work that you are doing around managing and leading all of this and the excellent reputation that you all have as very experienced and extremely credible instructional staff."

HEAT training : Senior British Police Officer

"The training was great preparation, both on procedures and behaviour, great fun. The trainers are extremely professional and well prepared for all our (many) questions. Thank you."

HEAT training : Visiting VIP

Terrific course, amazing instructors, just what I needed - already proved worth as I've picked up contracts as a result! thank you

CP Course

"Many thanks to you for the training – everyone enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Definitely one of the best and most interesting courses I’ve been on."

HEAT training : Global Audit Firm

"I really must say you are a great instructor based on knowledge and experience. I really like your presentations and your humor. The best course ever in my 22 years of service in police force"

HEAT training : Police Officer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt much. Extremely proud to have had Hawki's positive influence on my career, so thanks again."

Close Protection : CP Student

"One of the best field training providers I have had the pleasure to meet… very well done folks"

Training : Suprantional delegate

"Would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you for delivering such an well structured, hands-on and interesting training. I can say without any exaggeration that this was the best and the most realistic security training which I have had for my last 10 Years of UN Carrier. All your efforts in putting together this training is highly appreciated. Furthermore I believe that such kind of training should be mandatory for all the UN personnel deployed in the field"

Training : Suprantional delegate

"Thanks, really great course, instructors were very patient and it was fun and the right amount of scary"

Training : Suprantional delegate

"Chaps, top job! Appreciate your humour and candour. Classes and practicals were great!"

Training : Suprantional delegate

"It was an amazing training made even better by some of the most great and professional trainers I met in my life (and believe me, I met quite a lot trainers ;)"

Training : Suprantional delegate

"I would like to pass on to you and your team the very positive feedback I have received from all the participants on the training course. I have rarely come across such positive and enthusiastic feedback on all levels (even the food served for lunch!). Everyone has praised your team for their professionalism, their friendliness and their ability to delivery clear and precise training on all the subject and this, despite the different level of people attending. Your team has reached a perfect unanimity amongst the group."

Training : Humanitarian Aid Officer

"I just wanted to say how great the guys have been… They have gone over and above what is expected of them and this has been amazing."

Security Protection Services : Client

"Let me thank you for the highly professional organisation and management of the training. At the end it all comes down to be safer and more prepared to do the job we are committed to. Your teaching was critical in achieving this and a concrete contribution to better self and environmental awareness, to know our limits and operate within them."

Training in the Middle East : Supranational Advisor

"Excellent training, engaged instructors. Great job done."

Driver training in Afghanistan : European Client

 "I would take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic 3 weeks training. The professionalism, knowledge and experience of yourself and the instructors was truly second to none!"

CP Course : Student from the Household Division

 "The training was first class, relevant, up to date and impeccably delivered. All facilitators were superb, approachable and brilliantly experienced. All the components of the course were interactive and seamless. As a former training manager with UK national police it was refreshing to see training delivered exceptionally well - a great four days."

Security / Medical /Fire Training in Kabul : European Delegate

"What a great learning experience which I can apply not only in Baghdad but wherever and whenever I'll be in a situation."

​Security Training in Jordan : Security expert, International Organisation

"Outstanding+. 15 years… this, by far, the best I ever attended… I give 10/10 because I cannot give 11."

Security / Medical training in Jordan : Supranational Advisor

"I would like to express my appreciation for your professional job and support showed to us during last training week. Your dedicated and professional work gave us the core knowledge sufficient for being aware about what can happen in an hostile environment and how we can protect ourself and/or react to a emergency situation. I think the course exceeded the objectives that you presented at the beginning. Much more, from my actual position here in The Hague, I am able to understand better the situation there and the entire course was an added value for the H&S risk assessment."

Security Training in Jordan : Safety Officer

"I took part to a bit similar course held in Kuopio, Finland on last November. I found the course that you guys organised to be extremely relevant, when working in an environment such as Afghanistan. For example, the medical education given during this course was the best that I have so far been given in any previous trainings that I have had. I sincerely wish that people would understand the importance of this kind of training..."

Training in Afghanistan : CIS officer

"Thanks ever so much for the professional support that you have extended to us on how best we could protect ourselves and our colleagues in hostile environment. I would also like to thank you for the humorous moments by which you have helped me to manage my fear, stress and physical fatigue not only during the course of the past four days but to be better prepared for my future duty in Iraq. It has been really great experience for me to have met all of you."

Security Training in Jordan : Supranational Advisor

"The SAIT training did more than just train us for our missions, it broke the ice of joining a new organization and having no friends. Now all of us have friends that we will run into in our stressful work and on missions. Thank you SAIT Trainers, you made the training all the more memorable."

Security Training in Jordan : Programme Specialist

"Excellent!!! Overall practical & straight to the point as it is supposed to be… Great team of instructors, absolutely professional."

Training for Iraq in Jordan : Supranational Ambassador

"I do really appreciate the capacity of the trainers knowledge & professionalism during the course."

Training for Iraq in Jordan : International Delegate

"Thank you, it's been a pleasure to meet to you and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I'll definitely recommend it to my mates in NZ and in Maritime."

CP Course : Student from New Zealand

"It's been a great experience, I have learnt an awful lot in the last few weeks and have gained a great bundle of knowledge and skills, I couldn't have progressed without you and your teams fantastic instruction and enthusiasm which makes the course so enjoyable yet so educational, thanks again."

CP Course : Student from Hereford

"I would also like to mention how happy I have been with the course. The instruction has been second to none and I am very glad I chose to do the course with Hawki rather than any other training establishment. Superb."

CP Course : Student from UK

"Many thanks again for the excellent course! Cheers from Baghdad".

Training for Iraq in Jordan : Assistant Head of Global Organisation

"The feedback on the recent HEAT courses is all very positive."

Training in Afghanistan : Head of Security

"Thanks very much for all your effort last week. Very interesting and most timely. I am kitted up and ready to rock. Thanks to yourself, Ash and the team for a first rate course."

Training for Afghanistan in UK : Enterprise Architect

"The trainers were all exceptional, the materials packaged in a way that they were easily understood, and hopefully can be remembered, and the course was pitched at the correct level for the mixed group. Accommodation comfortable and food plentiful and good… So, thank you both again, and I would definitely recommend you to others who may be considering the same sort of training."

Training in UK : International Consultant

"A great training event and a great team. Thanks to you all."

Training in UK : Senior Partner

"Thanks a lot guys for your focused training sessions. It was valuable as well as fun for me as a civilian to get fresh knowledge, new views and approaches about security and related issues. You give energetic training."

Training in Georgia : Delegate from Finland

"Thanks, it was great pleasure to attend your training. I've found it very professional, interesting and useful."

Training in Georgia : Romanian delegate

"It was really very interesting and I personally appreciate your endeavours and proficiency during the entire training session."

Training in Georgia : Romanian delegate

"Thank you very much for the HEST training. It was really interesting to participate to all the activities. At first because of qualities of the instructors and your teaching ability. Next because of the English language which was really adapted to our level. Finally because when I will be back to my squadron I will talk about this experience to other Gendarmes!"

Training in Georgia : French Gendarme

"Many thanks for the HEST course, which I thought was excellent."

Training for Afghanistan : UK businessman

"HEST was useful and interesting for all of us, thanks to your exceptional professionalism and exciting sense of humour."

Training in Georgia : Eastern European delegate

"Thank you very much for a very interesting week of information. I really enjoyed it. See you probably somewhere around the world."

Training in Georgia : European delegate from Holland

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team on the success of the HEST course last week. I know that every one of the 12 trainees was extremely impressed by the very highest level of professionalism of the training by Hugh Martin and his team. The HEST course gave much more to the participants, in the sense of both relevance to what we are being trained for and, also, in building essential team skills. I can honestly say that I have never before been on a course where the participants bonded so well and learnt how to protect themselves and also others in the team. Our principal trainers, Hugh and Caroline, were quite remarkable, demonstrating from their recent experiences the knowledge and skills which were essential to training us for any future deployment in Iraq."

Training for Iraq : Queen’s Counsel

“We all agree that the HEST course was superbly organised. It was a great pleasure to meet you all and to work as part of a very special team. I look forward to meeting you all again, either in Europe or Iraq. Please do keep in touch.”

Training for Iraq : European Delegate

"Many thanks for the excellent course which made me much more aware of security issues."

Training : Political Advisor for Central Asia

"Your full engagement really made the course. You are very perceptive, which I noticed throughout the course, and you have a very good judgement of how to deal with situations. With my background and all experience I have from hostile countries, your course covered mainly everything. Thanks!"

Training : European Commission, Sweden

"Thanks for the training last week; it was informative and useful, the practical elements made the course. I would definitely like to stay in touch".

Training : Headquarters Operations Desk

"The reason we asked you is because you were the only company we knew that could organise this so quickly".

Close Protection Sudan : Head of Security

"This is by far the best training course I have received from my organisation, and more so as it was practical and interesting".

Training : Head of Section, African Desk

"I wanted to express my thanks to all the instructors, this course was just great, if every instructor could be as professional as they were, we would nearly live in a perfect world. It was in my opinion the best course I followed in my life, really great".

Training : EU Field Officer

"Many thanks for this highly valuable training document which will help us to stay alert on any security issue, and provide a standard within the mission. This will also help me personally in my security officer duty to constantly advise staff members to refer to this document, as a reminder to what they were taught".

Training : EU Security Officer

"I appreciated the training very much. The content was relevant and well balanced; the trainers' approach very interactive. The trainers' skills and knowledge clearly based on a broad experience in conflict environment. It was a great pleasure to work with all of you and it was an extremely useful and informing experience".

Training : EU Delegate, Master in Training & Development/University of Sheffield

"Thanks a lot for an intensive weeks time, where I really got something to think about. Even though I've been in several UN missions I learned that it's not the same as being in control of a convoy or dealing with a first aid incident. It was very useful and I'm glad to have been in the course".

Training : Supranational Delegate

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